Andrea & Matthew’s Wedding Photography at Mallory Court.


How did you both meet?

Secretly followed each other around the gym, started talking in the sauna and then set up a date

Whats the most annoying thing your partner does?




Hums whilst eating quick

Whats your partners best feature/quality?


Bum, body and sense of humour.



How did he propose?

Outside next to a private Hot Tub, lit up with tea lights Feb 15th 2016.

What type of flowers are you going for?

Orange Roses and Gerberas.

Who is doing the flowers, makeup and hair?

Flowers – Mum’s best friend.

Make-Up – Chloe Coleman Make Up Artist.

Hair – Jodie Tomkins

Bridesmaid’s Make Up – Stacey Paxton Rhodes

Bridesmaids Hair – Lucy Davidson (Bridal hair Warwickshire)

Wedding Colours &/or Theme?

Navy, Sparkly!!

A flash of orange flowers

Any special touches?

Old Jag wedding Car

Where are you getting married and having the reception?

St Michael’s Church, Bishop Itchington followed by Mallory Court.

Whats the first dance (song) going to be?

Lionel Richie – My Destiny

Where are you going on honeymoon?

Sri lanka and the Maldives.

How much trouble do you think the best mans speech will get you in (to the groom)?

Minimal – Holiday stories but will be funny.

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