Charlie & Steve’s wedding photography at Highbury Hall, Birmingham



How did you both meet?

Through Charlie’s brother (Steve is his school friend)

Whats the most annoying thing your partner does?

Bride – Leaving empty toilet rolls on the toilet roll holder

Groom – Telling me how to drive…when I’m driving!

Whats your partners best feature/quality?

Bride Helpful

Groom – Friendly and chatty

How did he propose?

High cliff, Yorkshire – on one knee at the top of high cliff on New Years Day

What type of flowers are you going for?

Roses, wild green look.

Who is doing the flowers, makeup and hair?

Flowers – brides Mom

Hair – Auntie of the Bride (Shell)

Make Up – Ourselves

Wedding Colours &/or Theme?

Sage Green with some baby pink and lilac

Any special touches?

Sweet table

Where are you getting married and having the reception?

Highbury Hall Birmingham, in the Drawing Room

Whats the first dance (song) going to be?

Jack Johnson (better Together)

Ed Sheehan (Perfect)

Where are you going on honeymoon?

Italy/New Zealand

How much trouble do you think the best mans speech will get you in (to the groom)?

Not that much.