Lucy & Gaz’s Wedding Photography at Primrose Hill Farm

Lucy & Gaz’s Wedding Photography at Primrose Hill Farm



How did you both meet?

On the internet, Plenty of Fish

Whats the most annoying thing your partner does?

The Brides answer:  Leaves Clothes on the floor and wet towels!

The Grooms answer:  Blames me after she has left her wet towels on the floor!

Whats your partners best feature/quality?

The Brides answer:  He is supportive and has a loving nature!

The Grooms answer:  Her love for life and those around her.

How did he propose?

At the finish line of the London Marathon 2018

What type of flowers are you going for?

Bouquet will be a lot of foliage and white flowers.

Who is doing the flowers, makeup and hair?

Flowers – Thyme, Kineton

Hair – Becky

Make Up – Jessica Ava

Where did you get your dress from?

True Romantica, Kenilworth

Wedding Colours &/or Theme?

Dark Blue and Platinum

Any special touches?

Magician – Marc Lavelle

Pizza Van in the evening

Helicopter (its a surprise for Gaz!)

Where are you getting married and having the reception?

All Saints Church in Sherbourne followed by Primrose Hill Farm

Whats the first dance (song) going to be?

Gravity by Leo Stannard

Where are you going on honeymoon?

South Africa

How much trouble do you think the best mans speech will get you in (to the groom)?

Could be either way so 50/50, depending on how many wine gums he has had!?


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