Sophie & Kieran’s Wedding Day

Sophie & Kieran’s Wedding Day



How did you both meet?

At the pub. (Im sure she spiked me!)

Whats the most annoying thing your partner does?

The Brides answer:  Talks over me, lol!

The Grooms answer:  She’s always last minute!

Whats your partners best feature/quality?

The Brides answer:  Caring with massive biceps

The Grooms answer:  She has the quality to see the best people and puts others needs infant or hers.

How did he propose?

Pumpkin – The annual family carving compertition.

What type of flowers are you going for?


Who is doing the flowers, makeup and hair?

KB, Emily Davis and Alex Robinson

Where did you get your dress from?

To have and to be hold

Wedding Colours &/or Theme?

Blush Pink

Where are you getting married?

Wilden Church

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