Top 5 tips to get the most out of your wedding photography


You’ve worked tirelessly to make sure every detail is right. After all the planning, the big day arrives and is over in pretty much a flash. Besides the amazing memories, all you have to remember of it is your wedding album – this is why wedding photography is so important. 

Sadly, finding the right photographer is only part of the job. The truth is you’re going to have to work with your photographer to achieve a collection of shots that you’re happy with. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be stressful. 

After years of experience, I’ve arrived at these top five tips to get the most out of your wedding photography. 


1.Be organised

This isn’t always a skill that comes naturally, but on your big day it’s worth giving it a go. 

Between the various vendors, the bridal party, and the venue there is a lot going on; if this isn’t structured carefully, expect chaos. It then becomes mission impossible for your photographer to capture the day, the way you want them to. It’s important that you communicate all expectations to your photographer before the wedding day. It also helps to create a running order of the day, that can be shared with all of your vendors. Be as specific as you can with your requests, whether it’s certain shots you’d like or something you don’t want included, be sure to let your photographer know.


2. Consider time

Good things take time, the same goes for photography. Although an experienced wedding photographer like myself will be able to work quickly, allowing enough time is crucial if you want flawless pictures. Rushing your photographer only heightens the chances of missing things out, or ending up with a bunch of images you don’t actually like. As well as your photos throughout the day, it is worth allocating time slots for any special shots such as, ones featuring the Bride and Groom or family portraits. It’s also best to permit extra-time just in case. There are always unpredictable factors such as the weather, that may impact the day. An early start and leaving enough time are key. 


3.Pre-plan group shots

All of your family all together in one place. It seems like the best opportunity to get your photographer to take as many photos as they possibly can, but this isn’t the case. Though they’re amazing to look back on, going crazy with group photos takes up far too much of your special day and can be frustrating for your guests to. While it is necessary to capture these once in a life time moments, finding a simple way to do it will yield the best results. I always recommend pre-planning your group shots so that it’s clear well in advance who you want to be photographed together. Try collating a list of the group shots you want, between 10 -15 maximum. You should give the list to your photographer beforehand so they know exactly what to expect. They may also be able to advise on when this should take place during the day.


4. Trust your photographer 

No doubt you scoured through hundreds of photographers, as well as stalking their websites and social media. Then you had to do a shortlist and finally you chose the one. Now just trust that you made the right decision. Before the big day you should have already met your photographer and told them exactly what you want. Try to trust that your chosen photographer knows exactly what he/she is doing and has probably shot plenty of weddings. The more confident you are in your photographer the better quality of work they will most likely give you. 


5. Just Relax 

Even the best camera and perfect scenery will not hide tension. It’s your wedding day so just relax and most importantly, enjoy it! You’ve done all of the hard work and no doubt spent a fortune, so take a step back and take it all in. Remember your energy sets the atmosphere for the day and this will rub off on your guests. When you are immersed in your big day and soaking up the moment, this will automatically come through on camera. For my clients, often their favourite images are the most candid. Although great photos are nice, what ultimately matters is that you and your guests have an amazing experience. 

Pat yourself on the back because planning a wedding is far from easy. No matter how hard you try there will often be something that does not go to plan and that is absolutely okay. But as long as you can apply these top 5 tips, you are pretty much guaranteed some breath-taking photography that you can look back on happily, for years to come.