Zoey & Rob’s wedding photography at Bordesley Park.

Zoey & Rob’s wedding photography at Bordesley Park.



How did you both meet?

On a night out, we had a white t-shirt night.

Rob said “your kit will look good on my bedroom floor”


…or…at the athletics club at Loughborough Uni?

Whats the most annoying thing your partner does?

The Brides answer: He spend to much time planning (in a good way!)

The Grooms answer:  Way too much Snapchat.

Whats your partners best feature/quality?

The Brides answer:  His bottom!

The Grooms answer:  Her smile!

How did he propose?

At sunset in Rome, we went to a orangery overlooking Rome.

What type of flowers are you going for?

Gyp and Roses with bits of heather.

Who is doing the flowers, makeup and hair?

Bella Lily – Flowers

Charlie – Hair

Beth (bridesmaid) – Make Up

Wedding Colours &/or Theme?

Purples and Greys, Rustic theme.

Any special touches?

Beer Pong and Fun Booth

Where are you getting married and having the reception?

Bordesley Park for both

Whats the first dance (song) going to be?

Better Together – Jack Johnson

Where are you going on honeymoon?


How much trouble do you think the best mans speech will get you in (to the groom)?

A lot!


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